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The only thing necessary for the triumph of 'EVIL' is for good people to do nothing!

GOVERNMENT - As in Latin 'Govern' to control 'Ment' the mind 'MIND CONTROL'

We have been systematically lied to and controlled by a group of people often termed as the 'Elites' I think Mark Devlin says it best in his book Musical Truth 3 (details in this page) 'Elites of the sludge at the bottom of the garbage can' You can download the first chapter for free from Mark here 'The Mother of all Psy-Ops'

I do not condone violence of any kind, nor do I think you should go out looking for trouble but when these maniacs put the people in a position where they feel threatened, intimidated and their safety is a risk they are crossing the line! This is where we have to stand up against tyranny no matter where is comes from. More people globally are coming together day by day to expose these psychopathic tyrants, liars and hypocrites and its time to decide if you are still prepared to sit back and do nothing.


While I was in the United States I worked in conjunction for a while with the Police and Sheriffs department and the Dare program in New Mexico with the Public School sysyem and, I used to have nothing but respect for the Police.

Now! we are not talking about the Police pre 2020 but post 2020 up to now. We all know as with any organization there is good and bad, corrupt and those taking back handers and I think that the Police as a whole in the past have a great amount of crap to deal with but, sadly any respect I had completely went during the last couple of years. After watching their behavior in many areas towards the public, a public that is loosing everything, jobs, homes businesses and life, people who are genuinely afraid to be coerced into something they know is wrong and is life changing, behaviour never shown by the mainstream news, I have lost all respect for most of you, not all but MOST.

I hate bullies of any kind and the Police have become just that 'Paid up Bullies' Sad fact is these manipulated brain dead people do not realize that they to including their families will be under the hammer and will have to pay their dues in one way or another! Imagine coming home to the wife and kids and sitting down for dinner 'How was your day daddy? great I spent it kicking the crap out of frustrated scared people who are loosing everything! but hey it pays the mortgage now pass the potatoes' I hope your pensions, if they still exist at the end will be worth it!

Many people still blindly think the Police work for the public 'We pay your wages and you work for us' I hear it all the time but the bottom line is No, they don't. They work for the Government and the people behind the Government who set the rules and regulations on us, they 'Police Policies' set on the public by those who manipulate you everyday to get what they want.

So to the checkered design we see which was based on the three-layer “Sillitoe Tartan” first used in 1932 by the Glasgow Police Department in Scotland 'Scottish Rite' and named after Chief Constable Percy J. Sillitoe later a director of M15 (sounds good) You will see this in many 'Freemasonry' examples including music videos- Are you on the Square? You see where we are going with this!

For example VICE PRESIDENT AT-LARGE  (REGION 2) DEAN STIEGEMEIER Illinois Chief of Police USA - Lets take this one for example. He is a 3rd degree Master Mason - Dundee Lodge #190 and a member of the 'Scottish Rite' Consistory of Freeport – 32nd degree Mason (that's one below 33 which is the top) You can find him here seventh one down https://www.ilchiefs.org/board-of-officers and he looks like a real friendly guy!

Now I am not saying your everyday Bobby is 'On the square' not at all, I don't think they are bright enough to even understand what that would mean but certainly they work for that organization without realizing it. 'To Protect and Serve' not us the public, to protect and serve those making the rules. 'The Police Force' Force meaning - Physical strength, power, or effect, power or violence used on a person or thing . As long as there are at least five of you to one (sorry)

More to follow !

Now, many photos and videos can be staged as we know, I have seen a load that just look ridiculous with Police and people being played by bad actors to create fear and you can check into that just by searching 'Crisis Actors' online. However the evidence is undeniable. These kind of pictures and video can be found all over the internet much of it real and trust me, these guys and girls are loving every minute of it and the excuse when justice arrives 'We were just doing our job' wont cut it! Your cards are marked and I guarantee most of you will be crying like babies!

Real Tough !!

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