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Various Recent/Past Recordings
(no specific order/dates)

Jet Black 3 (UK) May 2019 'Remember My Name' (Recorded, Produced and Mixed at Got Your Six Music - La Foret Studio)

Darkyra Black (Australia) January 2013 'Dragon Tears' (Drums, producer, album mix and editing) Release February 2014)

Darkyra Black (Australia) 'FOOL' - February/April 214 released June 2015 (Drums.editing, mixing and recording)
A.G.D A Good Day - (UK) 2017 (Drums, production, editing, mixing and recording)
Sergey Boykov - March 2013 'Falling Skies and Everything can Change' solo instrumantal release through 'Power Prog Records' Germany (Drums)
Exorcism - (Germany) 'World in Sin' Released 2015 (Drums)
‘Lucio Manca’ - (Italy) ‘An Old Man's Sad Story ’2016 (Drums)

Exorcism - (Germany) August 2013 Golden Core/Zyx records Germany March release 2014 (Drums only)

Ravenlord - 2016 (Drums only, please note I am not part of this band)
Audio Sparx - (USA) various recordings released - 2016 (Drums, edits and mixes with Paul Jupe)
Ian Parry 2016 (Holland) ROCK EMPORIUM Debut Single “FALL” (Drums and Mix)
Rick Hale - (USA) Grammy nominated producer 'Hard to Say' 2016 (Drums, edits and Mixes)
Thiago Trinsi - (Sweden) November 2012 'Dimential Mind' for Guitar Wizards I and II US release with Mike Lepond (Symphony X) released January 2013 (Drums)
Achillea - September 2013 'Eternity EP' (Drums, producer, album mix and editing) Independent Release 2014 download only
Achillea - (International) January 2013 'Fight or Fall' (Drums, producer,mix, editing artwork) Independent Release 2013
Blind Rage - 'Numb' (UK) my first CD (Drums and Production) released 1996 Atlas Music UK
Haley Akerman (USA) - 'All Things Are Possible' (drums and artwork) 2003

Rick Hale - Grammy nominated producer - Multiple tracks from 2000 to prestent day including film and tv tracks with Audio Sparx USA (drums, mixing and producing credits)





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