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Bob Saporiti - Former Sr. VP / General Manager, Warner Bros. Records Nashville TN. “In the current environment of digital do-it-yourself musical albums, the quality control mechanisms of the past have lessened much to the chagrin of this and many other listeners. However, the efforts of Paul Jupe along with producer, drummer and mixer Garry King remain worthy of attention from the most discriminating of music lovers at this time, pastimes and forever into the future, as this is music of the highest quality”

Jeff Legg - Music Journalist/co editor in chief 'Metal Temple' “A.G.D is one of the most well crafted country rock records I have heard in a long time. The songs written by Paul Jupe are amazing and the production by Garry King is pristine ”

David Bach - Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville - “World class songs, world class playing and world class production”


Steve Michael - Singer / Songwriter 2024

Working with Garry on producing, engineering and mastering my EP “Don’t be a Stranger” was an inspiring and enriching experience. Garry is very generous with his advice and support and constantly brings out the best in his artists. Garry has great ideas for production and his attention to detail is impressive. He knows how to fill in the white spaces and he is excellent at mixing so that every instrument is clearly audible. I’m very much looking forward to working with Garry again on future projects.


Robert Papworth, Phil Borrett 'Jet Black 3' UK

'Since we started working with Garry in November 2018 we came to realize he is not only the sourse of endless knowledge and motivation but also a great guy to work with on any level. His facility based in the South West of France has it all in an inspiring and relaxing location. We highly recommend in every way'

Music Industry
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Ghuto Wazlawick ‘The Alignment' Berlin Germany

Not only an amazing drummer and producer Garry is one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure to work with both in and out of the music environment. I never have to worry about the quality from his tracks, always perfect.


Amanda Gentle - Former Head of Learning & CSR at PRS for Music

One world class drummer and producer, what you have done to inspire and educate the next generation across the USA, Brazil and Europe over the years through 'Making it Count' and other programmes has just been incredible. Giving something back is so important and its integral to who you are and what you do.

Music Education
Robert Schultz

Garfield Middle School Band Director, graduate
of Berkeley School of Music

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Paul Jupe - Singer/ Songwriter UK

Garry and I have a great history together in music. We have performed live shows and recorded music of many genres spanning some 25 years or more. Garry has perfected his skills in mixing and producing artists over the last decade which brings him to the level of achieving the amazing results he delivers for artists today.

As a songwriter it so important that your music ends up sounding the way you imagined it with that professional finish. Garry mixed and produced my first Country album via the band ‘A.G.D' and is now working with me on my solo releases producing my first 2 Country songs in 2020. Both songs have received a great response and continuous radio play in the UK as well as great reviews from established Country Music forums. If you want your music sounding alive and professional by someone who has a passion for achieving the best result for your songs Garry is the man to contact


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