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“Hard times create strong people. Strong people create good times. Good times create weak people. Weak people create hard times.”

The only thing necessary for the triumph of 'EVIL' is for good people to do nothing!

GOVERNMENT - As in Latin 'Govern' to control 'Ment' the mind 'MIND CONTROL'

There is evil at work of 'Biblical Proportions' that has been written about over generations. Those who push, support and go along with this will 'Burn' for eternity

We have been systematically lied to and controlled by a group of people often termed as the 'Elites' I think Mark Devlin says it best in his book Musical Truth 3 (details in this page) 'Elites of the sludge at the bottom of the garbage can' You can download the first chapter for free from Mark here 'The Mother of all Psy-Ops' We are indeed in an ongoing decades old war against Evil

I do not condone violence of any kind, nor do I think you should go out looking for trouble but when these maniacs put the people in a position where they feel threatened, intimidated and their safety is a risk they are crossing the line! This is where we have to stand up against tyranny no matter where is comes from. More people globally are coming together day by day to expose these psychopathic tyrants, liars and hypocrites and its time to decide if you are still prepared to sit back and do nothing. We have been at war with these people! a war between good and evil since time began and we didn't even know it!

I hope that none of this come's across as 'Negative' but, we must address and questions things that will affect our future and those of the next generation. Our community of Musicians, Artists and Producers need to start to take a leading roll in this clown show to expose what's been put in front of us and its well overdue!


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I have never been one to follow the mainstream narrative taught to us via school, television, media and Governments.

I do not believe man walked on the moon EVER! I do not believe we are on a spinning ball hurtling through space at a blazing 560,000 miles an hour! I do not believe NASA is controlling a buggy on Mars that looks like a teenager built it 40 million miles away via Wi Fi or, that there is a Space Station whizzing about above us. I do not believe that planes took down the Twin Towers, no matter what way they try to spin it.

I do however believe that NASA is a massive 'Con Machine' costing the tax payer millions of dollars an hour to show the gullible CGI bull shit and is part of a massive control system to keep people dumbed down. I believe that planes are without a doubt pumping shit into our air daily which is not doing us any favors and that our history has been alerted and fabricated and what we have been taught is not the reality of that history!

I believe we are smack bang in the middle of a massive 'Agenda Plan' that has been in operation for decades

So that being said in early 2020 when the nonsense kicked off that we are still going through now it wasn't very long before questions started to arise as to what was exactly happening and why.

In January 2020 with a new business year ahead I coined the classic term '20/20 Vision' for my studio production outlook. To view what I did clearly, who I worked with and my better understanding of contributing as a producer and our progressive path to creating great music that people would listen to and hopefully share and even buy.

Little did I know then that this term would open a door to so many subjects and events, some I was already familiar with, and many that I also knew nothing about or only had a vague idea they really existed, indeed '20/20 vision' hit me loud and clear.

It only took a short while to start to piece the puzzle together with some simple research and thanks to some amazing people I found online that opened the door to an Agenda that had been put into place decades ago, I list some of those people and resources opposite and thank them for their hard work.

The internet has given us the keys to a door that was previously unavailable to us. The tech that these people if you can call them that, thought would be the downfall of the public is now being used against them if, used correctly to expose what has and is going on now and way back in the past.

It should and indeed be in EVERYONE'S self interest to research what was and is going on and the build up, especially for the young families, children and the next generation as they will without doubt in the end, bear the brunt of it all.

I am truly amazed that so many people without question where happy to follow the most stupid, ridiculous tyrannical rules set on the public yet broken daily by those instigating them in the first place and then, happily go and get an experimental rushed through cocktail injected into themselves with no thought to what it may cause now or later on. If you where going to do something as simple as buy a car or a kitchen appliance you would do some research first RIGHT!

At this point dear reader and before you go off on one, do you know of anyone globally in your connections that has died from Co(N)vid? Answer is probably NO! I contacted people worldwide that I know, USA, UK, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France and so on, no one, not one person could name anyone or anyone that knew of someone that had succumbed to the whatever. However we now hear and we personally know of a large number of people who have had very bad adverse reactions already to unnecessary injections and boosters like blood clots, seizure, hospitalization, collapse, blood pressure problems, sleep problems, bodily pain and so on, and this in the middle of a pre advertised and documented 'De Population' agenda program, Think about it!

We have done many months of research since this chapter started in early 2020, yet people who have looked at nothing but watch mainstream news owned by the same A.Hole's doing all this will tell us we are wrong. Remember they tried this before with 'Swine Flue and Bird Flue in the mid 2000's, how many remember that? Were these measures taken out then on the public? NO! Why not? At that time I was touring in Brazil 2009/10, any restrictions on travel, any of the B.S imposed then? NO. This was way before the wonderful 'Turn you into a Zombie Not So Smart phones' hit the market big time, they simply had no way of bombarding you back then with 'Track and trace, save your Granny, stay at home, save the NHS' brain washing bull shit. This time around they had all that and more with the 'anti social media' platforms in full swing helping push the narrative to the 'Check your phone every ten seconds brain washed crowd'

I am astounded at my music and entertainment community as a whole who have listened to the mainstream media propaganda machine without question. Music used to be about rebellion, opinion and not bending over to corrupt authorities, sadly this seems to be something of the past. I'm ashamed of being part of the industry and especially for valuing in the past those who sold out for fame and fortune, more on those people later Bono!

I shared my thoughts and opinions with everyone I know from artists to studios, plain and simple 'Go and take a look, ten minutes is all you need to see what these mental people have planed, check this out before you dive in at the deep end' This included the 'Word Economic Forum' and UN plans for the near future. As of today in February 2022 NO ONE even bothered, and we are not talking about millionaire 'paid for' so called super stars either, just regular hardworking people who love to make music. If you only believe in 10% of what you find out then there is reason to question! Question everything and believe nothing the narrative tells you.

Blame the Governments, blame the politicians, blame the media as much as you like, these are just paid up actors and puppets for the faceless people, organizations and families behind what is going on and will continue to do so if you don't wake up! Protest as much as you like, wave your banners and bang your drums, have a great time and meet new people, its a brave effort but this will do nothing in the long run, never has never will. What is your end goal?

The Co(N)vid Scam is only a small part of what is planned for the working and middle class, THAT'S US! In the immortal words of Klaus Schwab and the W.E.F 'You will own nothing and you will be happy' sounds like a real fun time to me, I can't wait!

The history (His Story) we have been taught at school and by the so called 'world leaders' is a lie! There is evidence everywhere in plain sight that life was different back in the day to what the 'indoctrinating school system' has told us. This is a fascinating subject now covered by so many amazing people

I will be adding more on here over time and some other pages covering subjects all related plus audio/video regarding everything above and more.

The time for people to Wake Up is almost over, WAKE UP before it's too late for everyone!

Thank You


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Honorable Mentions

Those who have and continue to open doors to the Truth the mainstream does not want you to know

Big thanks to my buddy Sarah for doing the new '2020 Vision Podcast Chats' with me, made all the difference to have a laugh with a totally like minded person with knowledge and a great sense of humor



MrE 'Apocalypse Watchmen the 'Trans Investigator' No need for explanation here but exposing the ultimate deception of biblical proportions

Sheep Farm Studios - My boys Dom and Chris take an entertaining and in depth look into the people behind the 'Scamdemic' and much more. The evidence to this is obvious to anyone who has woken up to the tyranny, the backgrounds, families organizations, trusts, groups and connections of all those involved can't be dismissed BAAAAAAA !!!

Through The Lens Ministary - Our dear friend Franners from our T.Gram channel and her podcast site

Some great information here - https://stopworldcontrol.com/jury/ Anyone who says this is all B.S and that all the claims are 'Debunked' works for the system and is asking for everything that's coming our way 'Thank You' I don't subscribe to everything on this site but much makes intersecting reading and a lot of common sense

Mark Devlin - DJ, Author, Speaker - Author of Musical Truth volumes 1, 2 and 3 looking into the nature of the corporate music industry and its connection with Governments, satanism and the 'So Called' global powers

Fall of the Cabal 1 and 2 - with Dr. Janet M. Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter - The Era of Depopulation! There is no mistake what has been uncovered by these ladies and what has been planned for us all.

Hugo Talks - Bringing news items out in the open

Michelle Gibson - Historical researcher, looking into events and the past that has been hidden from us and have shaped the timeline we are in today. This is a must watch series in my opinion and an amazing journey

Paul Cook - Discussing topics on the Old World, Star Cities, Mud flood, Tartarian and Resets. Paul's research will lead you on to many adventures

Martin Liedtke - Author of 'The Holy Grail of The Great Reset' more super interesting stuff with some added humor

Eric Dubay - 'Flat Level Earth' simple as that!

Mind Unveiled - Hidden History, Resets, Tartaria Explained'

Rise Above Live - Investigation and chat about the Schwabian W.E.F 'Jib Jab' Agenda


I thank you so much for your hard work, valuable time and braveness to expose what has and is going on.

Do you believe 100% of what you have been told by the mainstream? If the answer is NO there is reason to research and question, you may discover something very interesting, something about who we are, why we are here and the lies that have been taught to us for decades by the controlled narrative

I think John Lowell at Warrior Poets Society nails it here (after intro) As John says 'Freedom has always come at a cost' John is a war veteran and a former member of Special Operations, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion with numerous combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘Musical Truth Volume 3' completes club and radio DJ-turned author/ researcher Mark Devlin's trilogy of books exposing the REAL nature of the corporate music industry and those that populate it.

This volume focuses on the way the entertainment industry's owned assets were used to help push the official narrative of the “Co(n)vid 19” Academic, (which has been rightly described as “The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetrated Upon Mankind.”) So many beloved musicians showed their true colours in helping to push the lies and bad science which paved the way for the tyranny and human enslavement that was always planned to be applied in its wake.

This dynamic revealed beyond all doubt how the forces that have controlled the music industry for decades are intrinsically linked to those which devised the Scamdemic. There have been only a few honourable exceptions, and these names get a respectful tipping of the hat.

These chapters are punctuated by a new feature – Sound Bites – an array of short stories concerning well-known music-makers which further reinforce the assertions made in previous volumes.

The book ends on an inspirational note, revealing some spiritual and metaphysical truths that have been hidden from humanity for so long, but which, it turns out, a handful of visionary songwriters seem to have cryptically encoded into their songs.

CLICK HERE to purchase Musical Truth: Volume 3 on Amazon.

Or, to purchase a signed copy from the Author, (which further supports his work) please e-mail markdevlinuk@gmail.com



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