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It is imperative in today's world we create music and sound with 'Good Intent'


MARCH 2024


Gina Bafile's 'Darkyra' rehearsals start ready for the first show in Australia 'April 20th' 2024


Gina Bafile - Lead Vocal

Dan Grainger - Drums

Kristen Sanfead - Lead Guitar

Nikki Dagostino - Keyboards / Synth

Maaz Manik - Bass

Julian Nichols - Electric Violin






'A Fab Friday' with the great Fab Jablonski and Lucio Manca ��
New keys for the track 'Breathe' in the session by Gina Bafile (Darkyra Black) once again demonstrating her song writing skills, wonderful imagination and attention to detail.
Only original music and composition here ! �� #originalmusic #composser #studiorecordings



Steve Michael - Singer / Songwriter 2024

Working with Garry on producing, engineering and mastering my EP “Don’t be a Stranger” was an inspiring and enriching experience. Garry is very generous with his advice and support and constantly brings out the best in his artists. Garry has great ideas for production and his attention to detail is impressive. He knows how to fill in the white spaces and he is excellent at mixing so that every instrument is clearly audible. I’m very much looking forward to working with Garry again on future projects.



Last year we had a great opportunity recording session's with 'Sevie' who came up from Toulouse here in France. A great player of the West African instrument the 'Kora' as well as guitar and bass for a library project. This instrument is one of the coolest things we have recorded, played though delays and effects is just amazing and well worth checking this instrument and the players out there. We will be adding some samples from the sessions very soon




We wanna give a big 2024 thumbs up �� to our dear friend 'Basti Franke' who's first book on German Hip Hop Culture is now out. Basti worked for the company Magix in Germany and Samplitude as their 'Artists Relations' guy.

When we first started using Samplitude he dealt with everything studio related for us, it's never been quite the same since he left. Basti is also a very competent musician and producer himself. Cheers mate




As December races along Darkyra final vocals in yesterday for 'Tested the Water' fabulous as it always is and has always been, what a great way to end the year.

Those who don't know Darkyra's work check out (YouTube)'Metal Bands with Female Vocals' and web search Darkyra Black for the albums 'Dragon Tears' and 'Fool'




Gus Mansur killing it on guitar for the 'James Michael' track 'Tested the Water' all done and in the mix, and the first vocal takes in from 'Darkyra' as always, original, unique, powerful and emotion packed.




This week starting today running through and recording drums for the new 'Rob Papworth' tracks. A real 'Robert Plant' post 'Zeppelin' vibe to these songs with some cool acoustic guitars



Really pleased to have hooked back up with Darkyra over the last month and to announce here that she is working on the lead vocal for 'James Michael's' Tested the Water and received a blinding, complimentary to the vibe solo from guitarist 'Gus Mansur' of The Alignment

As we no longer use the mainstream 'Anti Social Media' we greated a 'Telegram Channel' (YES I KNOW!) for updates that you can interact with via






Last week and up to today finalizing for James Michael's 'Tested the Water' and some extras

First 3 tracks now in session for 'Robert Papworth' so I hope next week we start on the scratch tracks ready for drum guides.

Last year I set in motion with some old band mates back in the UK from 40 plus years ago my suggestion that perhaps we re-record one of our favorite tracks for prosperity, good memories and a bit of fun. The band I always regarded as pretty much what started me off professionally.

This recording we did and I was very pleased with the results we achieved after so long and I hope to have our finished version out soon.



Personal Thoughts 101

The Importance of your own paid for website even today, not relying on (Anti) Social Media as your main outlet for your work.

I was asked recently by a new prospective partner promoter/agent here in France why I still run websites when there are all these 'Free' outlets out there for promotion. My reply was as follows -

1. Not Free! These outlets are always using your information, contacts and so on for something, you don't become billion dollar corporations by giving something away for Free and Free also makes you look cheap.

2. From a professional point of view your website belongs to you, you own it and the domain and this makes you look serious about your work to anyone who is serious about you. 'Bob Saporiti' Warner Bros Nashville

3. If the crooked owners of the 'Social Media' platforms decide to collapse them you have nothing to fall back on and you loose everything.

4. Are Social Media Platforms Useful? Yes they are if used correctly, however over the last 10 years I have seen how people use them and that was why I easily ditched them back in 2020. I have had more results from my personal pages than any Social Media but perhaps that's just me.


Being An Instigator

We all like to think that we are capable of great things which of course we all are, however it takes a team to make something successful, a captain to run a ship but only with a great crew behind them. I have been in so many situations over the last 20 years especially where my ideas where only bought to the forefront due to other peoples input and support, saying that someone still had to come up with these ideas in the first place and present them. I will be dong an audio video on this, events and ideas, how to avoid being taken advantage of and how it may help you with your personal quest in the near future


'Do you want to be wave maker, a wave rider or just sit on the beach'

Dom Famularo




October 2023


Simple but worked like a charm!



Great to have James Michael (Son of Steve) recording guitars for his debut song yesterday. We had a little delay in getting this going but 'J.B' delivered a great and very creative session.

A simple amp, 1 pedal and a great tone shows if you trust your ears and your ideas its that simple

Namm 2000


Last week I found out that my dear friend Dom Famularo passed. I only recieved an email from him a few weeks back so please find as follows

G, Great hearing from you! Thanks for this lift!
It has been a difficult year! I am still weak and exhausted! I lost 50 pounds and am trying to gain weight, but with no appetite! I am trying to gain strength!
Thanks for reaching out! I have the best memories of our times together! Keep that fire burning!

Onward and Upward... __/...
Dom Famularo

Whilst living in the U.S Dom became a good friend of mine and closely guided me whilst I created the 'Making it Count' program, he was also a main contributor to my artists visa status REF LINK . Dom always told me 'G ! there is a fine art in getting out of life what you want , its takes time, patience and faith'

A true gent, a true 'Wave Maker' and an amazing uplifting character, friend and inspirtion to millions, we thank you x

05/10/2023 This week James Michael (Son of Steve) recording guitars for his song 'Tested the Water' A touch of 'Incubus' with some 'Cure' for good measure

Steve Michael live on 'BRAM FM' in Tulle South West France promoting his Ep 'Don't Be A Stranger' after a summer of shows here in France

Visit Steve's Website

September 2023

This week I start a mix for a band project out of New York under the working title 'BurnFoot'

Great Southern Rock style with amazing vocals along the lines of 'Kings X'


Two short clips of three samples from the 'Stadium Rock Drum Loops Package' I recorded, mixed for ACID Pro and Magix with killer guitars by Carlos Villalobos. The set is now at a reduced price for a short time at


400 Samples including

  • 8 Dry Loop and Fill Sets in various BPM
  • 4 Dry Intro and Outro Loop Sets
  • 12 Loop and Fill Sets in various BPM
  • 14 Percussion Loop Sets in 100 to 140 BPM
  • 35 One Shot hits

653 MB (24 Bit, 44 kHz) 1,38 GB (24 Bit, 96 kHz)




Great to have caught up with the super the talented 'Fab Jablonski' last week who we have worked with on many projects over the years including Achillea and A.G.D 'A Good Day' to name just a few

Fab also recorded keys on both original 'Darkyra Black' records and is now adding his special touch to the Darkyra track 'Breathe' that I am working on at the moment.

You can also check out Fab's work and credits here at SOUND BETTER

August 2023






'Darkyra Black' as yet an unheard track 'Breathe' in the mix featuring as always the wonderful 'Lucio Manca' on bass and new boy 'James J.B Michael' on guitars.

We started this some years back but it was never finished and we thought it had to get out there so I hope the next few weeks or so we will have a final and I hope a surprise for Darkyra.

D.B had some great reviews on both records and I hope that this 'One Off' will give her more credit that she deserved for her creativity and vocal emotions






Great to see songwriter 'Paul Jupe' not just nominated but winner of the Silver 'International Male Vocalist' in Atlanta USA and Songwriter of the Year 'Red Carpet Awards' in the Netherlands.

We hope that our input not just with the production and mix but including the other great musicians that played and added vocals on Paul's tracks helped in securing these nominations, awards and recognition.

Paul's debut album 'Home Town' and his singles listed on RECORDINGS prior to 2023 where produced and mixed by Garry King at La Foret Studio as well as 'Paul Jupe Music Audio Sparx Library Tracks'

Garry King - Drums, Percussion, Loops, Mandolin, Backing Vocals, Extra guitars, Bass

Lucio Manca - Bass guitars

Fab Jablonski - Keyboards on 'Looking Back'

Mastered by George Bousounis in Athens Greece and Garry King

Other Audio Sparx Contributors

Rick Hale - Keyboards, Piano

Gus Cunha and Anna Voiss - Vocals


July 2023



Singer Songwriter 'Steve Michael' releases first EP. Recorded and produced at 'La Foret' Six well crafted classic songs with some great guitars and vocals by Steve



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