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The only thing necessary for the triumph of 'EVIL' is for good people to do nothing!

GOVERNMENT - As in Latin 'Govern' to control 'Ment' the mind 'MIND CONTROL'


Since the Co(N)vid kick off in early 2020 we have constantly seen those implementing rules and restrictions on the public breaking them whilst almost laughing in your face! Yet people we know have still bought into what they were selling without question.

Do you actually believe in your wildest imagination that super rich and famous mmmmmm? people, would risk their health and safety if there truly was a chance that they could catch something so dangerous they could possibly die? (I wish)

Opposite are some pictures and video that went out during various major events including the G7, Ascot, G20 and CON 26 (adding more) that have taken place whilst you where either 'locked in your home, quarantined, made to self isolate (joke in itself), forced to wear masks and, AND!!! pay to stay in an airport facility on returning to your country by plane and having the privilege to pay for it. Do you think on return to France Macron had to do that? Do not make any excuses for these people!

I find it very hard not to be abusive towards these people if, you can indeed call them people.

Please note all pictures are in the 'Public Domain' and can be found easily in a search. More to Come

The G7 in 2020 Cornwall costing the public millions for the gormless to get together in the midst of a so called 'medical disaster'.

Funnily enough perfect weather for them!

The old girl herself, she aint scared of nothing!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh Airplanes! thanks tax payer!


Damn! must have forgotten stage one 'The Arrival'

'Beach BBQ' but at the same time if you had one the cops would turn up

Ascot 2020 'When your pay grade really kicks in' Stay at Home, Be Alert, Stay Safe (Plebs Only)

Cant stand in a coffee shop or bar, cant have more than 30 people or family at your wedding but at Ascot 12.000 plus a day can meet for 5 days in a row as long as you meet the pay grade. Nice one Charlie! The Climate Change Prince

Do as I say Not as I do!

And who dresses these people?

And in 2021 all seems well again

Cop 'CON' 26 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference 'Next on the Agenda'

Apparently you can do whatever you like at CON 26 2021

'Touchy Touchy'

Part of Sleepy Joe Biden's convoy which featured about 20 vehicles including the enormous, armour-plated presidential limousine “And his carbon footprint preceded him,” You think these morons are actually concerned about the Climate Con ??? No they just want you to bend over and take it again! THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU





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