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The only thing necessary for the triumph of 'EVIL' is for good people to do nothing!

GOVERNMENT - As in Latin 'Govern' to control 'Ment' the mind 'MIND CONTROL'



Why do people believe in, watch and soak up mainstream media? To me it's so obvious what side these people are on.The likes of The BBC, CNN, ABC and even Fox News/Corporation acquired by Disney aaaahhh mmmm! and Sky Australia who pretend to be controversial are still there and still employed for a reason! they are owned and controlled by the same organizations. Yet reputable outlets with well informed professional presenters, reporters and journalists are deemed 'Disinformation' despite and most often only stating what is available in the public domain.

I watch when I have the stomache for it these people with their hair-doos and more make-up than L'Oreal (more recent) can stock and listen to their fake stories and multi copied scripts in disbelief what they get away with, but knowing the amount of people sucked into their paid off deception I'm really not surprised

News America (not political on my part)


Some time ago we messaged a lady here in France who I personally had respect for and thought was ahead of the game, lived in various parts of the world and seemed to be clued up to many things. We dropped her some info on the 'World Economic Forum' Klaus Schwab and their plans for the 'Great Reset' You will own Nothing story and so on, direct from their own website. Her reaction was to say the least a little surprising. She basically said that what we had read was fake propaganda and disinformation and she was concerned and I quote 'You are going to paint yourselves in to a corner you wont be able to get out of' But she was quite happy to proudly announce her and her husband had been Jabed up. Needless to say we avoid any conversation on the subject anymore!

That is just one very small instantce, but it boggles my mind that people are happy to listen to actors reading from scripts on TV but when you show them something on the other side they boycott it withought question! Surprisingly these are the same people who think 'NASA' tells the truth and the Twin Towers where bought down by planes.





Note the CNN 'One Eye'







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