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The only thing necessary for the triumph of 'EVIL' is for good people to do nothing!

GOVERNMENT - As in Latin 'Govern' to control 'Ment' the mind 'MIND CONTROL'

We have been systematically lied to and controlled by a group of people often termed as the 'Elites' I think Mark Devlin says it best in his book Musical Truth 3 (details in this page) 'Elites of the sludge at the bottom of the garbage can' You can download the first chapter for free from Mark here 'The Mother of all Psy-Ops'

I do not condone violence of any kind, nor do I think you should go out looking for trouble but when these maniacs put the people in a position where they feel threatened, intimidated and their safety is a risk they are crossing the line! This is where we have to stand up against tyranny no matter where is comes from. More people globally are coming together day by day to expose these psychopathic tyrants, liars and hypocrites and its time to decide if you are still prepared to sit back and do nothing.


So there have been many situations over the last few years that accuse people shown on TV of being 'Crisis Actors' for terror and medical scenarios. Of course the likes of Reuters, Snoop and Hitc.com all say that this is false and the have Debunked the theories. Well, of course they do as they are all part of the system that creates this in the first place. These people are part of the massive coercion of the public esecially during the events of 2020/22

COERCION - compelling a party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats, including force. It involves a set of various types of forceful actions that violate the free will of an individual to induce a desired response

So here is a simple example still online today though 'Star Now'

Actors Non-Speaking Role: Nurse/Doc/Patient Simulated COVID Vaccine Shoot

This closed in April 2021 but is still on the site for all to see but I have saved a screen shot which you can enlarge opposite in case they remove it and my question would be 'Why do you need to fake this? Obviously this is not real but most of the brainwashed will actually soak it up as real if and when they saw it!

Please take note of the paragraphs - We will be simulating COVID-19 vaccine injections using a using a safe Hollywood grade FX prop needle syringe (spring loaded blunt tip retractable) The exact same thing used on celebs, politicians, royals an so on but YOU think they where actually getting a real Jab !!!

The same people that believe the dentist in commercials selling toothpaste with perfect skin, hair and pearly white teeth is actually a real dentist 'Well it was on TV it has to be real!!

Ok so here is another, check these guys out https://crisiscast.com/ - Nothing works as effectively in dealing with real-world disasters as rehearsal.We bring all of our experience creating highly credible, dramatic scenarios to bear preparing your people for the worst and equipping them with the psychological and practical tools that will help them save lives and survive disaster.

Also their so called 'Team' appear on other websites with slightly different renditions of their bios and less photoshoped pics here https://www.mast.co.uk/meet-the-team.html and this guy Fireman 'Mick Massey' who seems to have many irons in many fires including Managing Director, Hanover Associates and who looks somewhat different in the pictures to his image on http://www.fireflash-delta64.co.uk/boltonnorth50.html or is it just me? Lets take a look at 'Francesca Hunt Lead Producer' at Crisis Cast - Trained in offshore survival and safety for the oil and gas industry, enhanced DBS (previously CRB) clearance. Just happens to be an actress on https://thestickyfacts.com/francesca-hunt-facts/

Now I'm not saying people shouldn't have their hands in many pies but seriously!

Clients include The NHS, UK Government, CERN, British Army, The Home Office, Ministry of Defense, Kent Police and so on. So no real surprises there then!

Patients in hospitals where you cant go in but the media can and do interviews and film telling you to get a Jab like a certain Henry Dyne on the BBC 'Get the V, just honestly, get the V.' Remarkable that a 28 year old on his last legs saved by the 'V' from a so called Virus with 99.8 percent of recovery could look so well and healthy on his ventilator! with a get well message from the man himself Sajid Javid. I wonder how many other hospitalised people got the same get well message shared on 'Anti Social Media' ??? We have also seen the dancing, jewelry wearing nurses in empty hospitals on the odious 'TikTok' videos knowing full well this has to be fake!

28-year-old Henry spoke to @BBCHughPym from his hospital bed after getting seriously ill with coronavirus. He describes feeling like he was dying and his advice to others is to get the #NHSCOVIDVaccine. COERCION from the heads of the NHS. Reading the negative comments on the Twitter feed as well as some that praise the guy but, very few. So you can see that people are working it out and are not all daft. I'm sure Henry who's Instagram with 16.000 followers and only 3 posts which looks sketchy to say the least, rushed to the bank after the report to cash his performance check! This dude is one of many that you can find playing the part and it's up to you to decide if you are being bamboozled or not.

'Henry Im not an actor honest' with the caption on his post 'Welcome to my world Covidiots!

However all the main news outlets as usual will tell the brainwashed he really was sick in the hostpital



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