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Motivation is where its at!

DOM FAMULARO - World Renowned Drummer, Educator and Author
I am so impressed with Garry's drive and passion to reach young children about the power of music! His positive message is needed now more than ever. His talent speaks volumes and his music will inspire, empower, and heal people for years to come! Garry keep the fire burning!" www.domfamularo.com


Musician and Musicical Influences

Jeff Beck
Simple Minds

Tears for Fears
Dixie Dregs

Devin Townsend DTP
Kip Winger / Winger
David Bowie (later)
Peter Gabriel
Seven Dust
and many that may surprise you !!!


Dom Famularo
Rod Morgenstien
John Farriss

Casey Grillo
Mel Gaynor
Ginger Baker
Mark Schulman
Geoff Dugmore



Garry King is a drummer, producer who runs a production studio based in the beautiful countryside of South West France. 'Music, creativity and our business is my passion'

Born on the outskirts of London England on July 1st Garry grew up listening to and playing many styles of music and has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the world, work with and be associated with a number of major artists and companies including guitar legend Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) Warner Brothers Nashville, Magix Berlin, Park Gate Studio, Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale and Grammy winning producer of Sound of America Records Tom Bee.

Official product endorsment with Sound Forge Pro 12/13

PAST - After moving to London in the mid eighties Garry became involved with a number of companies and artists including Peer Southern Music in the famous ‘Denmark Street’ which set a path for the future.
Later working with Britain's Musician's Union, he organized, arranged and promoted clinics throughout the South East of England promoting reliability, character, musical techniques and the importance of professionalism in any industry!

Through a recording engineer friend he was lucky to meet guitar legend ‘Jeff Beck’ and after a lengthy time of pestering and sending drum demos Garry was lucky enough to be invited to Jeff’s studio to record. “For me the greatest experience ever”

USA - After an introduction to Warner Brothers VP ‘Bob Saporiti’ in Nashville and relocating to the US in 2000 he developed the ‘MIC Program', motivating middle and high school students with the concepts of "Making it Count" through the medium of television and entertainment that aired on TV, radio and played to over 12,000 students and members of the public. He also continued to work with artists, musicians and companies including Grammy nominated producer/writer Rick Hale, Native American Juno award winning artist Chester Night and Grammy director/award winner and Producer Tom Bee – ‘Sound of America Records’
EUROPE - 2006 Garry based himself back in Europe working and continuing to tour, record and work with artists and companies around the world.

PRODUCTION - 2007 Garry set up ‘Garnoe Creative Group’ with bassist ‘Andy Robbins’ creating production and tour recourses for other artists and companies for live touring projects. In 2008 via a phone call with vocalist ‘Joe Lynn Turner’ they started bouncing ideas around to create a possible shows and in 2009, Garnoe Group produced Joe's Latin American “High Gear" tour, followed by "The Blood Red Sky Tour" in 2010. Garry and Andy also played throughout both tours which played over 30 shows in major cities and recorded live sessions at the C4 Studio in Sao Paulo Brazil followed by a full production video for the track ‘Blood Red Sky’

STUDIO WORK – After setting up his own production studio, Garry co-founded the band ‘ACHILLEA' with guitarist/writer Paul Jupe and produced this band's first album and EP.
Garry started working via the net with artist’s from all over the world including Australia, UK, USA, Estonia, Brazil, Sweden and Germany, not just playing on records but mixing and producing many of them. Through producer ‘George Boussounis’ he was recommended to Australian artist ‘Darkyra Black' to play on and mix her first album release ‘Dragon Tears'. Since then he has also honed his skills as a producer on other recordings, including Darkyra's second release ‘Fool' and multiple tracks for film and television with Rick Hale in the USA and Paul Jupe for the US based company ‘Audio Sparx’

PRESENT - Garry now works exclusively with a number of his favourite musicians on a daily basis and was lucky in 2013 to meet bassist extraordinaire ‘Lucio Manca’ whose second record ‘An Old Man's Sad Story ’ he tracked drums for. They have played on a huge amount of global recordings together and worked recently on a new ‘Country Rock’ record ‘A.G.D’ with radio friendly tunes and riffs also with Paul Jupe, this has been played on UK BBC radio. He is also a featured artist with Magix/Samplitude (DAW) out of Berlin Germany as a recording drummer and producer and has a number of featured videos with them.

Got Your Six Music – In early 2018 together with long time drummer friend and associate ‘Dan Chantrey’ they set up ‘Got Your Six’ as an independent label now working with a number of artists as producers, consultants and management for releases internationally.


Present and Past Drum Endorsements

Sabian (present)
Vic Firth (present)
Axis Percussion (past)
Protection Racket (present)

Remo/Luen Drum Heads (past)

Hansenfutz Practice Pedals Cosmic Ears (past)


Magix/Samplitude Pro X4 Suite and Pro X 7 Video software (endorsed)

Sound Forhe Pro 13 (endorsed)


Birth date:  July 01  
Birthplace: Woking Surrey UK
Marital Status: Single
Children: No
Professional Playing Experience: 30 Years
Passport: Yes







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