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Sample Notes

A.G.D A Good Day – 'A Good Day' - Drums, Production, Album Mix, loops, Mandolin and Backing Vocals

Thiago Trinsi - Progressive Guitar from the album 'Guitar Wizards 1 & 2' - Drums

Jet Black 3 - UK Rock - Drums, Production, Loops, Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards and Mix

Lucio Manca - Modern Rock from the album 'An old Mans Sad Story' - Drums

Darkyra Black - Style Rock from the albums 'Dragon Tears' and ‘Fool - Drums, Production and Mix

Ian Parry – Rock - Drums and Mix

Andres Montoya - Easy Listening - Drums, Loops and Mix

Exorcism - From the album 'I Am God' Drums and stem/drums mix 2017

Sergey Boykov - Progressive Keyboards from the album 'Falling Skies' - Drums

Rick Hale – Solo Album, - Drums, Loops and Mix



La Foret Studio South West France

Recording, Production, Drum Session's and Track Editing

Studio Disclaimer 2023

As from October 2023 the studio policies have had to be reviewed and changed for new clients. Sadley but due to advantage takers and bad (non) payers a deposit of 50% of the basic studio day rates will be charged for all sessions and studio time

To all clients with projects pending or future clients projects, work will only be undertaken with a signed contract. Please also note that all studio and musician services are chargeable so please don't ask for freebies or collaborations.


La Foret Studio is a professional facility based in the beautiful countryside of South West France.

I have recorded on, edited, mixed and produced tracks for artists all around the world including in the USA, UK, Greece. Estonia, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Israel and Australia, many of these tracks have been aired on commercial radio including the BBC, Radio Caroline (UK) and stations in Holand and Canada. I also work on and edit film and TV music in the US with Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale and guitarist/songwriter Paul Jupe who have both had multiple plays and releases worldwide.

(Please note I Do Not record whole bands live at La Foret)


Drum Recording Services

Online Drum recording for your ptoject - up to 24 tracks of drums simultaneously. Once recorded and approved the tracks will be sent to you via Dropbox link as Wave files to, line up and mix on your own DAW Workstation.

The drum files will be sent fully edited, dry with no plugins or effects but will have a minimal pass EQ so they are ready to use as soon as they arrive. Then it's up to you what you add and how you tweak them.

Recording @ - 24 and 32 bit | 44.1KHz, 48KHz

My set up will allow you to choose from a wide array of drum sounds, snares, kick drums and cymbal applications that will suite most styles of popular music and composition.

As a client you just need to send me an mp3 timed to a click and BPM ( beats per minute) of that track and give me some idea of what you are looking for.

Download Drum Demo Sound Files

Here are 2 downloadable session file links so you can hear the room mics, close mics and overheads all separate in stems. The track is at 120 bpm and all the files are around - 5 db but caution with levels please!

There is an un-mixed session, very little processing and no reverb's apart from the main room ambiance.

Stereo Room pair - 2 Lewitt LCT 140's - Approx 9 mtrs (28 ft) from kit mics facing the end wall corners.

Mono Room - CAD Trion 8000 Tube - 2 mtrs (6ft) from kit

Overheads - Warm Audio WA-87 (Pair)

Mono Overhead Behind Kit - Lewitt 441 Flex

Close Mics -
Kick - D112 (in)/ Audix D6 (out)
Snare Top/Bott
- Shure 57s
Floor Toms
- D122/Audix D6
Rack Toms - Sennheiser E604
Hi Hat/Ride - Lewitt LCT 040 Match

Full Kit - SSL Channel on all drums

Drum Buss - C4 Stereo

Main Stereo Buss - Maserati GPR Stereo null EQ settings, 21% compression


Server Download Zip File

Dropbox Folder Download




Producing Your Music and Songs

Editing | Production | Mixing - I'm always happy to talk to an artist about their project and ideas.

Input, understanding and creativity takes your music from a demo stage to a masterpiece that will stand out amongst so many others!

I value your vision as an artist and am here to guide and support your work. I can set up meetings on Skype or arrange a call to talk about the track/project, your ideas and sound preferences well in advance before we start work. This makes the project more personal and will get the best out of the sessions.

Our small select group of outside musicians, producers and composers gives an endless opportunity to bring extra colors out in your music you may not have known exits if needed from grand piano, orchestral players, arrangements and so on the options are limitless!

If you are interested in having someone edit previously recorded sessions from restoration, timing issues or just general cleanup just drop me a line.

Please contact me for my project, session and hourly rates

Contact -


Recording Rooms and Drums

  • Room 1 - 18 ft x 13 ft (5.5 mtrs x 4 ) - Main Control Room

  • Room 2 - 36 ft x 20 ft (11 mtrs x 7 ) - Live room, tiled floor with movable control paneling. Room can be sized down as needed.

  • Vocal Booth - 8 ft x 4.11 ft ( 2.5 mtrs x 1.50 )




Sonor, Remo, Pearl, Gretsch

Kicks - 18, 20 and 22 (various types) with multiple mics set up, Sub Kick etc.
Toms - 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 16 and 18. Standard and Short Stack
Snares - 14x 8, 14x6.5, 14x5, 13x3, 10x5 (various shells and brands)
Various head configurations, coated clear etc
Cymbals - All Sabian with various rides, crashes, Hi Hats and effects

I can also bring into a session anything else you would require from a drum set point of view but this may cost a little extra so please think about it. Samples of snare and kick can also be supplied if required or simply use your own

Drum Track Rates - Please contact me for my project, session and hourly rates

Contact -


Main Studio Gear

  • Main Monitors Midfield - Adam Audio A77x's
  • Monitors Nearfield - Auratone 5C Mix Cubes and KRK Rockit 6
  • Hi Fi Monitors - Bang & Olufsen Redline.
  • Microphones - Warm Audio, CAD, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Lewitt.
  • Hardware - Presonus, Icon Qcon Pro G2, DBX, Grace Design, Behringer/Midas, DBX
  • DAW - Samplitude ProX 5 Suite (featured artists page)
  • Other Software - Sound Forge Pro13, iZotope Ozone 9 and RX7, Waves, CLA, SSL, Repert Neve, Vegas Pro 17, ACID PRO 10, Spectral Layers.


Please contact me to arrange a call, complete rates, payment method and time scale. I know its important to get your project ready to go as soon as possible so the more information you give the better.

Please note that all work, sessions etc are contractually signed to protect myself and the client.

All recording/production masters are the property of 'La Foret Studio' unless stated otherwise in release contract

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